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What makes soft touch pens feel so smooth?

Soft touch pens and stylus pens are known for their smoothness due to the rubberised finish applied to the pen's barrel during production. This finish not only adds a rich matte color to the pen but also provides a comfortable grip and a smooth feel when writing or using the stylus.

What materials are soft touch pens with logos made of? 

When it comes to soft touch pens with company logos, the barrel can be made of either plastic or metal. If the pen is made of metal, it is most likely aluminum that has been anodised through electrolysis. This process increases the thickness of the aluminum, resulting in a highly durable pen barrel.

Do soft touch pens work with iPhones and iPads?

 If you're looking for soft touch stylus pens for iPhones and iPads, we have them available. Our soft touch stylus pens are compatible with various touchscreen devices, including iPhones, iPads, tablets, and smartphones. The stylus on these pens is typically made of silicone or rubber, allowing you to easily navigate and interact with your device's touchscreen.

How can I personalize a soft touch pen with my logo?

 When it comes to personalizing your soft touch pen with a logo, there are different options available. Depending on the pen you choose, your logo can be laser engraved, printed in a single color of your choice, or printed in vivid full color using our proprietary full-color imprint technique. Laser engraving reveals the color of the metal underneath the rubberised finish, adding a unique and long-lasting touch to your pen.

Why are soft touch pens great promotional items?

 Soft touch pens are a great promotional item because they are visually appealing and have a luxurious feel. The rubberised finish adds richness to the pen's color, making it pleasing to the eye. Additionally, the silky feel of the pen enhances the writing experience, making it more enjoyable for the user. These qualities make soft touch pens and stylus pens highly desirable and likely to stay in circulation, ensuring that your branding message reaches a wider audience.

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