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Lumos Stylus Soft Touch Pen with stylus

Lumos Stylus Soft Touch Pen with stylus


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The Lumos Soft Touch Pen is designed to leave a lasting impression on the recipient. With its vibrant color options and silver logo ink, your business will surely stand out. The pen also features a stylus on the back, allowing for easy use on any device. Its elegant design includes a chromed ring and a stylus that matches the barrel color. 

This ballpoint pen has a medium 1mm tip and comes pre-loaded with your choice of blue or black writing ink. You can choose to have all the pens in your order in one barrel color or opt for an assortment of colors. 

To ensure your message is visible for a long time, it is laser imprinted on the pen. This guarantees that your branding will remain prominent and memorable.

Also check the rose gold version of this pen : Lunaris Rose Gold Pen with stylus



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